Bay Breeze Sdn Bhd is an international import and export trade development company established in Malaysia and Bangladesh with the objective of making quality commodities accessible in right place for efficient consumption by appropriate consumer or business users at a right price.

We Export

Genuine Leather products


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Surgical Gloves

All kind of surgical gloves exporter.

PP Non Woven Bag

We offer a full line of Jute, woven and Non-woven bag to the global brand retailers and wholesalers into the bag industries. We have our base in Bangladesh. Also, we understand the need of today’s customers and always strives to meet the challenging demands of the ever changing global industry.

We work on economic cost wise and is the best substitute of plastic products. We specialize in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly retail and promotional carry bags and any kind of bag products.

OUR Products –

  1. PP NON WOVEN stitch bag
  2. PP NON WOVEN ultrasonic / heat seal bag
  3. PP WOVEN bag
  4. WOVEN bag
  5. Jute bag


Raw Material We Used:

  1. Jute Fiber
  2. PP Nonwoven Fabrics
  3. PP Woven Fabrics
  4. Thread
  5. Canvas
  6. Denim Fabrics
  7. Cotton Fabrics
  8. Organic Cotton Fabrics

Garmets Stock Lot

All kinds of stock lot